Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Complete list of Loksatta Party's 50 Irrevocable Guarantees

Government at Our Doorstep

1) Elected District Governments
2) Empowered Local Governments
3) Substantial Funds for District Governments
4) Public Participation in Governance

Gram Swarajya

5) Funds for Villages
6) Safe Drinking Water for Every Village
7) 'Jala Raksha'
8) hour power to every village
9) No more Public Defecation
10) Villages Connected by Roads
11) Bus Service to Every Village

'Surajya' in Towns and Cities

12) Guaranteed Civic Amenities
13) Establishing Ward Governments
14) Quality Public Transport
15) 'Bharosa' for Lowering Crime

1000 SMALL TOWNS in Andhra Pradesh

16) Small Towns will be Developed
17) Urban Amenities in Rural Areas


18) Quality Education for All
19) Modern Facilities for All Schools
20) Teachers to Become Stakeholders
21) Higher Education for Everyone

22) Ten Percent Bonus Marks for Students from Rural Areas and Poorer Sections
Skills and Employment for Youth
Guidance for Youth

23) Provisions for Employment
24) Employment Opportunities in Government
25) Development Brigade

Health for All

26) Quality Health Services
27) Free and Universal Health Care to All (Aarogyaraksha)
28) Public .Private Partnership in Health Services (Ubhayatarakam)


29) Quality Power Supply to Farmers
30) Agri-Clinics . Prosperity to Farmers ('Rytusiri')
31) 'Akshaya' . Credit to Farmers and Tenants
32) Farmer Controlled Market Yards ('Rythe Raju')
33) Agro-Industries to Guarantee Crop Prices

Rigorous Liquor Control

34) Ban on Private Liquor Shops
35) Removing Belt-Shops
36) Ban on Public Liquor Consumption
37) Powers to Panchayat


38) Police for Public Service
39) Speedy and Accessible Justice

Combating Corruption

40) Special Courts to Combat Corruption
41) Transparency and Accountability
42) Social Security for All
43) Social Security for one Crore Families
44) Security for Vulnerable Sections

Abolishing Caste

45) Abolishing Caste within One Generation

Reforming the Functioning of State Legislature

46) Standing Committees
47) Reforms to Functioning of Assembly

Removing Regional Disparities

48) Removing Disparities in Regional Development

Right to Vote

49) Correction of Voter Rolls

Land Records and Stamp Duties

50) Land Record and Stamp Duties

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